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           Haiphong   [17 pictures]
Haiphong is a midsize town on the way to Halong Bay. It is pleasant and relaxed, much quieter than Hanoi. The days before christmas were especially interesting, people and children dressed up for the festivities.
           Halong Bay   [21 pictures]
Halong Bay has one of the nicest seascape in SE Asia. The best place to visit is Cat Ba island, and the more touristy Halong City. While most people go there on tours, it is much more pleasant and interesting to see it on your own, staying in one of the many pleasant hotels in the area.
           Hanoi   [48 pictures]
Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam and one of the most interesting cities. Lots of old architecture, a wonderful lake in the city center, and great food wherever you go. Don't miss the great Opera House and watch some of the good concerts there!
           Mekong Delta   [67 pictures]
The Mekong Delta is a very green area in southern Vietnam where the great Mekong River ends. The towns are very pleasant and there is only little tourism, the people some of the friendliest in Vietnam. Not to talk abuot the good food and beers there....
           Phu Quoc Island   [5 pictures]
Phu Quoc Island is just a few kilometre off the coast of Cambodia, and supposed to be the next great tourist destination in Asia. While it is still relatively relaxed, it won't be that for many more years, tourism is catching up quickly.
           Saigon   [13 pictures]
Ho Chi Minh city, the former Saigon, is the most modern town in Vietnam, but still has some French colonial architecture and the best food in Vietnam.