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           Afyon   [12 pictures]
Afyon is a medium sized town in central Anatolia. It has a very picturesque old town centre with many Ottoman houses and a huge castle overlooking the town.
           Alanya   [1 picture]
Alanya is a touristy town with mainly German package tourists. But it has a nice harbour and huge castle hill. Otherwise, there is not much to do there.
           Antalya   [10 pictures]
Antalya is one of Turkey's biggest cities, but it has a very picturesque old town centre with many nicely renovated Ottoman houses and a small harbour for viewing sunsets and having a beer in one of the many pubs. It is certainly worth to stay a few days in old Antalya which is not that touristy as it may seem.
           Beysehir   [7 pictures]
Beysehir is a small town located at the large Beysehir lake. It has a famous, very old mosque. Not much to do there other than to view the great sunsets.
           Cappadocia   [48 pictures]
Cappadocia in central Anatolia is one of the greatest nature wonders on earth. Originally the strange "fairy chimneys" where created by a huge vulcano explosion of mount Erciyes, nowadays a dormant vulcano (3700m high). Later, about in the 8th century, christian settlers digged caves for living into the lime stone which was a great way to hide from invadors. There are also a lot of church caves in the area, often with nice frescos.

To really experience Cappadocia's beauty, you have to hike in the valleys. Not always easy in the heat, but very rewarding experience.

           Diyarbakir   [7 pictures]
Diyarbakir is an old town in Eastern Turkey, Kurdistan. It is surrounded by huge walls. People here are very friendly and you always will have a group of kids following you.
           Egirdir   [4 pictures]
Egirdir is a small village located on Egirdir lake. Very picturesque and there is good accomodation to make it a relaxing stop over on the way from Antalya to Cappadocia.
           Gazianthep   [12 pictures]
Gazianthep is the beginning of south-eastern Turkey. A pleasant, bigger town with an old jewish quarter and, of course, a castle.
           Kas   [14 pictures]
Kas is a small harbour town about 4 hours west of Antalya. A pleasant place with some old Lycian ruins and an amphitheatre. It is located just a few km from Greece.
           Mardin   [22 pictures]
Mardin is a small town in eastern Turkey, not far from Syria. Very nice to wander around the small back alleys and see the many old houses. Good sunsets over the Syrian plain.
           Nemrut   [20 pictures]
Mount Nemrut is one of the highlights of every journey to Turkey. On the summit, you find the great tomb and temple complex built by Antiochus I Epiphanes (64-38 BC). But also along the road to the top there are several interesting attractions so visit, so the long drive to the summit is a very pleasing experience.
           Silifke   [3 pictures]
Silifke is a very sleepy town in south-eastern Turkey. It has, as almost every Turkish town, a nice castle with a good restaurant where you have great views. Other than that, it seems everybody goes to bed after 8pm.
           Urfa   [27 pictures]
Urfa, or "Sanliurfa" (the glorious Urfa), located in south eastern Turkey, is the town where Abraham was born. But there is also a lot of atmosphere to wander around the small streets, bazar and markets. South of Urfa, just a few km from the Syrian border, is the small village of Harran which is one of the oldest settlements on earth (6000 years old). Worth to take a day trip, even if the sun and heat is very strong.