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           Bohol   [19 pictures]
Bohol is a rather big island in he Visayas, not far from Cebu. It has some nice beaches and is home of the Philippine tarsier, the samlles monkey in the world. Also you can find the Chocolate Hills, a rather strange collection of grassy hills.
           Boracay   [9 pictures]
Boracay is the main tourist island in the Philippines. Still beautiful, but crowded and full of hotels, bars, restaurants. Needless to say, it is at least twice as expensive as the rest of the Philippines.
           Camiguin   [17 pictures]
Camiguin is a small vulcano island just north of Mindanao. It is just 65 km in diameter. (I know that, because I cycled all the way, a pleasant but sweaty experience). There are 7 vulcanoes on this small island, together with hot springs, nice jungle and several waterfalls. The people here are exceptionally friendly, greeting all strangers with "Hi Friend!".
           Cebu   [16 pictures]
Cebu is the major island in the Visayas. In the recent years it got some tourists at the expensive resorts around Mactan island near the airport. But there are more pleasant places to visit: Moalboal is a diver's dream, with the great Pescador island nearby, the occasional whale shark hanging around the house reef. And there is Malapascua island in the north, with its nice white beach and very relaxed atmowphere.
           Manila   [12 pictures]
Manila, the capital of the Philippines, is a typical third world town with all its problems like poverty, slums and so on. But it has a nice old area of former Spanish churches and houses, worth for an afternoon's visit. Other than that, it is a place to arrive and quickly move on.
           Mindoro   [7 pictures]
Mindoro is mostly famous for the small town of Puerto Galera, where some beaches are rather developed these days. The southern town of Roxas, while not very attractive, is the place to catch the ferry to Panay/Boracay.
           Negros   [13 pictures]
Negros is the sugar island of the Philippines with many sugar mills and endless fields of sugar cane. Dumaguete city in the south is a university town and a pleasant place to stop over for a few days.
Palawan is probably the most beautiful of the main islands in the Philippines. While roads and transport are quite bad, the nature is very impressive with much prime forest and wonderful islands and scenery.
           Siquijor   [7 pictures]
Siquijor is a small island between Negros and Bohol. it is famous for its witches and ghosts, so many Filipinos try to avoid to come here. I survived it anyway and haven't seen a witch or ghost....