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           Chaung Tha   [18 pictures]
Chaung Tha beach is not far from Pathein and quite a nice place. It is also reachable by road from Yangon, so there are lots of local tourists there. But the beach is long and wide and it doesn't get crowded. Lobsters are especially cheap and other seafood as well.
           Chin villages   [19 pictures]
Chin State is north of Mrauk U and mostly off limits to foreigners. But it is possible to take a day trip from Mrauk U to some of the Chin villages near the Lemro River. The most fascinating thing about the Chin villages are the older women who are tatooed in their face. This custom has now vanished, as the younger girls find this less attractive. Quite understandable. So the next years will be the last chance to see the tatooed women in Chin state.
           Mrauk U   [38 pictures]
Mrauk U is one of the most fascinating places in Myanmar. It is the former capital of the Rakhine state and was founded around 1430. In the centuries after that, hundreds of temples and pagodas were build. Scattered over many kilometers, with villages and houses in between, Mrauk U is extremely beautiful and a pleasure to walk or bike around.
           Ngapali   [20 pictures]
Ngapali beach is the most beautiful beach of Myanmar. Several kilometers long, very clean and there is still very little tourism. Nearby Thandwe town is small and sleepy and has a small airport.
           Pathein   [11 pictures]
Pathein is the capital city of the Ayeyarwady Delta and a pleasant place to stay for a day or two. Good beers can be had at the river and there are also some important temples in the town.
           Road to Ngapali   [6 pictures]
I travelled from Pathein to Ngapali by train and bus. The first stretch, up to Yegyi was by train, then I continued by bus. The train started early in the morning when it was stil dark. No lights in the train, people had candles. The whole tour took about 24 hours for a distance of around 200 km.
           Sittwe   [11 pictures]
Sittwe is a very pleasant and beautiful town just south of Bangladesh. It is the starting point for boat trips to Mrauk U, the famous temple town. But Sittwe has a good atmosphere, therefore it is a good idea to spend 2-3 nights there.
           Slow boat to Sittwe   [28 pictures]
From Taunggok I took the "slow boat" to Sittwe. "Slow boat", because there is also a speed boat which takes only 6 hours. The slow boat took me 3 days and nights, a rather hard trip with bad toilets and sleeping outside on deck. Hot during the day and cold and humid during the night. Fortunately I had my sleeping bag with me, made my trip more comfortable than most of my fellow travellers. But despite the lack of comfort the trip was a remarkable experience because I could see towns and villages on the way which are normally not accessible by foreigners.
           Taunggok   [6 pictures]
Taunggok is a small town just about 2 hours north of Thandwe/Ngapali. It is the starting point for boats to Sittwe. And that's the reason, I spend a night there.
           Thandwe   [7 pictures]
Thandwe is just a few km from Ngapali beach. Nothing remarkable, but it has a bus station and quite a colorful market.
           Yangon   [58 pictures]
Yangon, former Rangoon, is the capital of Myanmar. It is a very nice town full of colonial atmosphere. Also there are several temples and pagodas, the most famous the Shwedagon Pagoda, most colorful and golden pagoda in Myanmar. Besides my lengthy walks in Yangon I took the "circle line", a train which goes around Yangon, for visiting more attractions.