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           Abyaneh   [7 pictures]
Abyaneh is a small village in the mountains about 80 km from Kashan. Due to its very special atmosphere and beautiful location, it is a UNESCO World Heritage site.
           Esfahan   [30 pictures]
Esfahan is one of the biggest and nicest towns in Iran. With large boulevards, a beautiful river with several centuries old bridges and the second largest square in the world, it is certainly a highlight of any journey to Iran.
           Kashan   [15 pictures]
Kashan is a crumbling old town a few hours south of Tehran. It has some fine merchant's houses, a great garden and a nice bazar.
           Kerman   [23 pictures]
Kerman is a desert town in southern Iran. It is a base to visit the near mud castle of Rayen, about 100 km away, and the great desert of Kaluts.
           People   [62 pictures]
Contrary to the distorted picture Western mass media tell you, the people of Iran are very friendly, well educated and always helpful. This makes Iran an especially pleasant country to visit. Some every-day scenes collected here.
           Qazvin   [15 pictures]
Qazvin is about 2 hours drive west of Tehran. A small, untouristy town, is a good base to visit the fantastic scenery of Alamut valley and the Castles of the Asassins.
           Qom   [7 pictures]
Qom is located about 100 km south of Tehran and is the second holy city of Iran. The major site is the holy shrine of Imam Reza's sister Fatemeh. A magnificent place and a very religous city with lots and lots of mullahs and religious students.
           Shiraz   [29 pictures]
Shiraz in southern Iran is the place where the famous wine comes from. Unfortunately, no wine any longer in the Islamic Republic. Neverteless, Shiraz has lots of interesting places to visit, including the ruins of the ancient Persepolis city, a world heritage site.
           Tehran   [15 pictures]
Tehran, Iran's capital, is a huge city of 14 million people. With a lot of pollution, it is a less attractive place to be. But Tehran has some great museums and is certainly to spend a worth a few days.
           Yazd   [26 pictures]
Yazd is one of the nicest towns in Iran, with a great very old city, mostly made of mud, the great qanats, water channels over dozens of kilometers, and the wind towers, badgir, which are a form of ancient air condition.
           Zanjan   [19 pictures]
Zanjan is about 5 hours west of Tehran and a base to visit the great 1500 years old Zoroastrian ruins of Takht-e Soleiman and the world's largest brick dome of Soltaniyeh. It was very cold when I visited there, and the first snow was falling at Takht-e Soleiman, giving it a particularly beautiful impression.