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           Aurangabad   [13 pictures]
Aurangabad is a dusty, not so interesting city in southern central India. But it is a great base for the nearby cave sites of Ellora and Ajanta, some of India's most famous attractions.
           Bijapur   [6 pictures]
Bijapur is a long bus ride south of Aurangabad, famous for its Muslim architecture.
           Goa   [27 pictures]
Goa is India's most famous province, which was a former Portuguese colony. There is still a lot of Portuguese architecture left and the many beaches are beautiful and clean.
           Hampi   [16 pictures]
Hampi in Karnataka is famous for its temple ruins and a pleasant place to hang around in this small village.
           Kerala   [26 pictures]
Kerala is a south western province of India, famous for its beautiful beaches and the great backwaters where you can have a long boat ride over many hours and watch the beautiful country side.
           Mamallapuram   [13 pictures]
Mamallapuram is located south of Madras/Chennai, a small town with interesting temples and a center of stone carving. There is a light backpacker community there, so all the amenities can be found for a pleasant stay.
           Mumbai   [12 pictures]
Mumbai, the former Bombay, is one of the biggest towns in India and one of its richest. A pleasant city with many colonial buildings from the British time.
           Mysore   [21 pictures]
Mysore in Karnataka in the south western India is a good place to visit nearby temples. Not far away is the hillstation Madikeri with pleasant climate, coffee and tea plantations and a lot of beautiful jungle.
           Nashik   [13 pictures]
Nashik is a temple town full with pilgrims and a lot of religious life. It remembers slightly to Varanasi, but without the tourists it is much more relaxed and easy going.
           Pondicherry   [11 pictures]
The former french town Pondicherry still has a lot of colonial architecture and colonial feeling. It is located in south eastern India on the coast. Nearby is the famous Auroville community and other places worth to visit.
           Tamil Nadu   [35 pictures]
Tamil Nadu is the south eastern province of India which roughly goes from Madras/Chennai down to the southern tip of Kanniyakumari.
           Tirupati   [9 pictures]
Tirupati is a town in Tamil Nadu which is used as a base to the nearby Tirumala, one of the holiest temple towns for Hindus.