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           Abu Simbel   [11 pictures]
Abu Simbel is a small village in southern Egypt, not far from the border to Sudan. It contains the great Abu Simbel sun temple, one of the greatest sights in Egypt.
           Alexandria   [7 pictures]
Alexandria is located at the Mediterranean Sea, a city with much atmosphere, few tourists and great sea food.
           Aswan   [19 pictures]
Aswan, located south of Luxor at the Nile valley, is one of the most relaxing towns of Egypt. Famous for it's dam, but also for the nice Nile scenery.
           Cairo   [25 pictures]
Cairo, the capital of Egypt, is an exceptionally interesting city. With the islamic quarter, the coptic (Christian) quarter, the Nile river and the great museums, you can spend weeks there without having seen everything.
           Edfu   [8 pictures]
Edfu is a small town at the Nile valley between Aswan and Luxor. It boasts the best-preserved cult temple in Egypt, dedicated to the falcon-headed Horus.
           El Minya   [22 pictures]
El Minya, located about 200 km south of Cairo, is a very laid back provincial town with many colonial villas. As it rarely sees any tourists, people are most friendly here. Nearby sites include the tombs of Beni Hassan, which are some of the most fantastic tombs in Egypt. Unfortunately, no photos were allowed inside. There is also quite a large coptic (christian) populace in town and in villages outside.
           Luxor   [47 pictures]
Luxor in southern Egypt is the town of Egypt's greatest sites. The Valley of Kings, where many pharaos were buried, the great temples of Luxor, Karnak and Hatshepsut make, it a must-see place.
           People   [47 pictures]
The most interesting experiences of all my journeys are the people in the different countries, and Egypt is no exception here.
           Pyramids   [33 pictures]
There are over 90 pyramids near Cairo, but most tourists visit only the three most famous ones at Giza village. Many of them are now buried in sand, but there are much more to see when you travel south to Abu Sir, Saqqara and Dahshur. A tour of the pyramids is an extraordinary experience.
           Siwa oasis   [18 pictures]
The laid back Siwa oasis is not far from the Libyan border, about 300 km south of the Mediterranean coast. In the middle of nowhere, suddenly it becomes green, there are hot springs, and the great sand sea (desert dunes) is just out of town.