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About this site

The photos of India were taken with a Canon EOS 500 SLR camera and a 35-70 zoom on cheap Kodak film. Later scanned by a Nikon LS30 film scanner. Therefore the photo quality is changing with my experience with film scanning.

The photos of Myanmar, Turkey and the Philippines were all taken with a digital Canon Ixus V2 camera, a small and very convenient model. Later retouched by Gimp, resized and sharpened with ImageMagick.

My latest achieval is a Fuji Finepix F10 which I used first for the photos of Iran. This is a nice little camera with exceptional results at darker places.

Editing is done with XEmacs under the FreeBSD operating system. The content management system used is PHPCMS, the gallery software a hacked version of SPGM.

This is deliberately a Windows(TM)-free zone.

All text and photos on this site are copyrighted and may not be used for any purpose other than viewing the site.

Contact me by mail and ask for permission if you want to use any material from this site.

In most cases permission will be freely granted for inoffensive non-profit uses. In the case of books or magazines I request a copy upon publication.

I'm not responsible and dissociate from the content of any external link referenced on this site.